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Our Caregivers

Our Caregivers are carefully selected, screened, and trained to meet the needs of our clients, providing services with compassion and dignity.

Caregiver Selection and Screening

Caregivers will be selected for clients based on the Caregiver’s abilities, skills, and the experience required to meet the needs of the client. Caregiver screening includes:
  • Rigorous Selection Criteria
  • Background and Criminal History Check
  • Comprehensive Interview
  • Driving Record Check
  • Drug Screening
  • Previous Employment Verification
Our caregivers are insured, bonded, and covered by workers compensation to ensure you and your loved ones are fully protected.

Caregiver Training

Caregivers participate in ongoing training and professional development opportunities, and many have experience with specialty care, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Hospice care. All Caregivers will receive training on:
  • Personal Care
  • Skin Care
  • Infection Control
  • Fall Prevention
  • Mobility and Transferring
  • Elimination and Toileting
  • Nutrition and Hydration
  • General Safety Training
  • Recognizing and Responding to Emergencies
  • Environmental Hazards
  • Fire Safety
  • Elder Abuse
  • Handling Difficult Behavior
All Caregivers will receive and complete training before providing services independently.

We provide both hands-on and online training. Our online training is provided through the Institute for Professional Care Education®. Caregivers can access training by clicking the button below.

In-Home Supervisory Visits

Caregivers will be supervised after the initiation of service and at least once quarterly to make sure they are using appropriate and safe techniques, are able to follow the service plan, and that the client is satisfied with the services being provided.

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